Bio & Contact

Téber is naturally compelled to look for light where there is darkness. 

Being born and raised in Venezuela, Téber is eager to look for positivity, joy and enlightenment in any composition and environment he creates. The artist’s use of bright optimistic colors creating a sense of eternal sunshine with pastel shades, clean lines and a hyper real sheen, rejecting the current situation in his native country. His work embodies relaxation, escape and inspiration through a minimal surrealism perspective. The creation of his works are the perfect antidote to exalt the attitude and create harmony in a space. The hyperreal photography offers views of a sunny and prosperous world. It is an evocation that shows an aspirational aesthetic come true.



International brands have embraced Téber’s vision through partnerships and collaborations after he shared his work through social media without any agencies or galleries supporting him at the beginning. The brands respect and maintain his perspective of bright, colorful and minimal compositions. A few brands are: Tic Tac USA, Dior, Adidas USA, Google (Google Home and Google Pixel brands), Popsockets, Ajax, Chivas Regal, Tostitos USA, Fabuloso, T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Hewlett-Packard, SugarBearHair, LIFEWTR, M&M’s, Nature Made, Clorox, Otterbox, Crocs USA, Club Med, Fruit Gushers, Method Home, Fruit by the Foot, Soylent, The 5th. 



The Muse, which appears in most of his pictures, serves as a guide for the compositions while also giving life through the color of the jacket. She also humanizes Téber’s environments with the purple or fuchsia coat, which also creates a striking contrast with the pastel, minimal and bright scenarios. The Muse protects him from the public eye.


 Téber is represented by the gallery "De Galerie Den Haag" in The Hague, The Netherlands.